The details of our work

Since our establishment in 1958, we have spent decades supporting the extremely poor and sick as well as partner organisations that care for these completely marginalised people. We have done this with the help of your donations: by forwarding every single schilling to where it was needed most.

While this made good sense at the time, after a while we realised that not all of your donations were being used as effectively as possible.

  • What’s the use of emergency aid if those who are starving have an empty plate again the very next day? Emergency aid projects spanning many years have structural weaknesses.
  • What’s the use of donations in kind that end up being discarded and causing immense harm?
  • What’s the use of an orphanage that benefits only a few (and exposes children to a high risk of abuse)?
  • What’s the use of a well-equipped provincial hospital without the security of long-term funding?
  • It is the responsibility of the government to provide health care. Do we want to compete with the state, relieve it from its responsibility or compel it to take responsibility?

This is why we started working differently – and better – in 2013. Rather than forwarding your donations, we decided to work with our partner organisations and involve those concerned as much as possible in investing the money you have entrusted to us, for example in providing advice and human rights work in the health sector. This is about more than just capacity building, this is about effecting change in all development cooperation partner countries – even here in Austria; in equal partnership and with respect for human rights.

The health sector of development cooperation affects everyone worldwide. Diseases know no borders. Which is why we need change on both a global and a local level. We promote and support such change with the aid of your donations. Thank you for helping us tackle difficult questions to which there are no simple answers.

Please take the time to read the information on our projects on where and how we work and how your contribution counts (use the automatic translation – click on the translation-icon in the buttom right).