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The petition is closed and has been transfered to the ORF "Publikumsrat". Thank you very much for your support!

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The Austrian Broadcasting Company (ORF) is obligated to maintain objectivity, take diversity opinion into account, to maintain balance and be non-partisan in reporting under the provisions of the ORF law and programming guidelines.

Teas containing artemisinin are unsuitable for the prophylaxis of malaria. The current state of medical knowledge (e.g. guidelines of the World Health Organization and professional associations in Austria, Switzerland and Germany) support the evidence that teas containing artemisinin are not suitable for malaria prophylaxis. The mechanisms of development of resistance are well known. Mass experiments with teas containing artemisinin ignore the present evidence on the development of resistance: This is negligent and endangers human life.

In its financing of the movie and in its apologetic report on the film „Das Fieber“ [The Fever], in its news report “Zeit im Bild” ZIB1 on September 22, 2020, the ORF violated the quality criteria stated in the ORF law, because scientific evidence is not only ignored in the film itself, but representatives of scientific evidence were falsely defamed and their reputations violated by depicting them as purely profit-oriented.

Therefore, the regulatory must attend to this failure – especially against the background of the current COVID-19 pandemic: Citizens must be able to rely on proper health reporting by the ORF. The inclusion of health sector expertise in health reporting by the ORF must be better guaranteed both in the current case and on an ongoing basis, in order to avoid undermining health education in Austria, in the German-speaking countries, and beyond.

Please sign: In order to bring the case to the ORF Viewers Council, we need your support. 

Data Protection: plan:g will store your data solely for the purpose of dispatching this petition to the ORF. We will notify the ORF that you support the petition after we received 120 signatures.

As a necessary postscript to our data protection information, we need to inform you that we noticed that the makers of the movie The Fever approached some of the signatories at https://plan-g.at/tea, sharing an extensive list of press coverage concerning the matter. Mostly in German. In our judgement, mostly phoney in nature.

Actually, one article in nature pretends to be scientific, but is an opinion piece that disregards evidence based research as an accepted hermeneutical space in medicine, instead absolutizing personal and anecdotal experience. plan:g is increasingly concerned as mimicking scholarship might well lead into further eroding trust in science.

Please note that the moviemakers who approached you are doing Internet research on your email or postal addresses. Your data is well protected and not accessible.

We believe that the ORF “Publikumsrat” is the perfect forum to reflect on evidence concerning malaria prophylaxis. Therefore, we have proposed that the Publikumsrat invite Professor Kremsner as a senior European scientist; the Publikumsrat should tackle the issue of promoting baseless conspiracy theories, and protect good standards in malaria treatment and prophylaxis, which are in increasing danger.

Also, please note that the moviemakers put increasing pressure on both the diocese, as the owner of plan:g, and on plan:g's managing director. This might turn out to be a good thing, however, as we are starting to think about how to strengthen plan:g in order to be better equipped to engage in relevant public debates in future.

Thank you very much for your concern and ongoing support for evidence based medicine.

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The petition is closed and has been transfered to the ORF "Publikumsrat".
Thank you very much for your support!

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